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Mateusz Matysiak

GSM: +48 608 516 616

...at the Vistula estuary, 08.09.2006, phot. Bartłomiej Duczmal

About me.
The author of the site Mateusz Grzegorz Matysiak would like to welcome you with this short introduction below...

...Not so very long time ago I was a little boy running around Przygodzickie Ponds observing everything thas moves, as the love of wildlife has always been part of me. It's the parents who instilled respect for the nature in me as well as the pleasure of enjoying wildlife. I have been entirely engrossed in the process of exploring the natural world around us ever since.

...Now I am 34 years old and I think it is a wonderful age for photografic adventure. I live in Pruszków now, the suburbs of "old" Warsaw, unfortunately far away from my beloved hometown Przygodzice and a wonderful valley of the Barycz river, where I spent the most beautiful of my younger days, surrounded by wildlife. Rich material gathered in that time served me for co-founding the largest Polish Landscape Park "The Barycz River Valley". Currently, although the park exist, its beautiful but almost entirely antropogenic terrain requires immense saving effort, as problems posed by generation gaps and conflicts of interests has been a threat to its existence.

...As a graduate od Forestry Studies in Poznań (later also Biology and Environmental Engineering), it was a pure coincidence that I left home in search of a job. Both adventurous and easygoing time of my university years accounted for the fact that I started looking for a job very intensively. The land of Przygodzice did not turn out to be promising in this regard so I began my professional career in Mazury, in picturesque Piska Forest, to which I developed  a very sentimental feeling similar to the one towards The Barycz River Valley. From there, forests attracted me to... a big city... though I had defended myself bravely against it not so long before.

...After several years of work at a government position of inspector I devoted myself to environmental engineering. My true hobby became my bread. Today, my own business activity consumes most of my time, but in spare time, after fulfilling family duties I set out for hunter-like expeditions  equipped with binoculars, a telescope and a photo camera in search of a wildlife trophy.

...I decided to display some of the trophies in my gallery, to which I am kindly inviting you now...

Mateusz G. Matysiak

Pruszków near Warszawa, 2007.01.27